Video Production Everywhere, USA

We Capture Footage Everywhere, USA.

Technology and bandwidth boost SteadyTake's reach so that it can produce videos across the nation, by assigning local videographers to capture the footage and then upload it to our platform in the cloud. We then assign editing to one of our pros in-house. This lowers the cost of production to you while maintaining the quality you deserve.

Video Samples Produced Nationwide

Some cities we've produced videos in:

Bremerton - Oklahoma City - Plano, TX - Portland - Boston - Atlanta - Dallas - Philadelphia - Chicago - Raleigh - Tampa - Naples - New Orleans - Scranton - Pittsburgh - Indianapolis - Virginia Beach - San Diego - San Jose - San Francisco - Memphis - Nashville - Monroe, GA - Renton, WA - Sacramento - Portland - Phoenix - Sedona - Denver - Colordo Springs - Milwaukee - Shreveport - WA DC - Arlington - Cincinnati and many more!

Affordable Video Production Nationwide

As videos proliferate across websites and social channels, more commercial video and social media video is needed, and at an affordable price. This is what SteadyTake does - produces video(s) at an affordable price, quickly leveraging its creative directors, 450+ videographers / 100+ editors nationwide, to meet client needs.

Creative Direction

Our Creative Directors help with scripting, storyboarding, and production management.

Record Video & Sound

SteadyTake assigns the most qualified videographer / crew, with pro gear, to pick up the shot list.

Edit to Requirements

The editor with the most experience in your style of video is assigned to edit your video.