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Testimonials / Interviews

SteadyTake is a videographer booking service with thousands of vetted filmmakers. The Company also offers in-house pre & post-production services.  We guarantee our work, with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Testimonial / Interview Product

  • We come onsite and shoot for an hour or two to capture the videos interviews, per specs
  • We always light the subject and use a pro microphone
  • We can give you the footage or we can edit
  • You choose your style – green screen / inserted background / blurred background
  • 1-camera or 2

Our customers include small/medium businesses and advertising/marketing agencies that need help getting their videos produced Anywhere, USA.

Footage Only

  • $300 for 2-hour interview onsite, 1 camera / $400 for 2 cameras, 1 locked down with a medium shot and 1 roaming


  • $250 for 2 minute testimonial video
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