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Product Videos

Need an amazing product shoot / video?

Producing a product video is more challenging than just hiring a videographer.  You must first start with a concept that will convert when users watch it.  We are geared to produce videos at scale for dripping across social media channels!  SteadyTake has a full house of professional creatives from creative directors that provide concept & design, videographers that deliver the shoot list to our editing team and editors with a wide range of skills.

The examples on this page range in price from $300 to $5,000 depending upon the production options you choose. We offer discounts at scale.

Submit a request to us and we will give you a no-obligation quote.

We produce Kickstarter videos!

Product Shoot in our Phoenix showroom - $400 per day

You ship your product to us with return payment receipt and we shoot your product with or without talent in our Phoenix studio.

Template videos - $125

We have lots of broll video and can add your logo and contact info to it for $125 each!


Product Video with Talent - $600

2-minute product video – discount for volume.

Premium Product Video - $3,200

Includes concept design, talent, drone, and cinematic treatment.

Premium Product Video - $5,000

Includes concept design, scripting, story-boarding, talent, drone, animation and premium voiceover.

Talent provided by customer.

Basic scripting, talent, shoot and editing.

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