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Pre & Post Production

SteadyTake is a videographer booking service with hundreds of vetted filmmakers. The Company also offers in-house pre & post-production services.  We guarantee our work, with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

What we offer:

  • Pre-production planning, concept development, script-writing and story-boarding
  • Talent for voiceover, on-camera work and music
  • Assign videographer with required equipment (and additional crew if needed)
  • Editing that includes titles, transitions and FX

Our customers include small/medium businesses and advertising/marketing agencies that need help getting their videos produced Anywhere, USA.

The video ecosystem online continues to grow unabated. The reason for this includes the use of video by companies for “social media” that delivers more engagement than traditional ads.  For these reasons STEADYTAKE has an opportunity to capture and deliver video content to multiple customer types across the country.

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