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Affordable footage for any project!

STEADYTAKE is a videographer booking service providing its customers with professionally shot video and editing services for a reasonable price. Our focus is to provide value at a price that guarantees highly skilled professionals are at work on your project while leveraging proprietary technology that improves efficiency.

STEADYTAKE has built a national footprint of professional filmmakers that capture and upload footage into its platform for customers. SteadyTake sources your filmmaker for you, guaranteeing their work and saving you the time of putting out an RFP and sifting through many quotes. We know our people, their talent, and availability and can book them for you within a few hours.  SteadyTake also offers pre and post-production services in-house.

STEADYTAKE is also continually improving its workflows through the development of its software platform. We are your new media video production agency.

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Video Production Underway, Nationwide


Testimonial:  “I was so thrilled to work with SteadyTake on a video I needed shot and delivered within about 24 hours in Philadelphia.  Not only did they deliver on time with the high quality I wanted, it was priced reasonably! I just called and put in my request and within the hour it was scheduled. Thank you so much!”                  —Rajita Bisaria, Manager – Mining Rent, LLC

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