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Music Video Production

Music video production demand is in high gear and as a result we are supporting the industry by providing our resources to shoot and edit a high volume of them.  We have partners nationwide that produce high end music videos with extreme FX.  Please review the samples below.  We recommend flying into Phoenix for a weekend and shoot yours.  We’ll push it thru post and deliver it to you in a couple of weeks.  Below is what we do:

What we offer:

  • Pre-production planning, concept development, and story-boarding
  • Assign videographer(s) with required equipment (and additional crew if needed)
  • Casting for any talent you need from dancers to singers to extras
  • Editing that includes transitions and FX

While we prefer you to come to us to save you money, we will travel to you.

Pricing of music videos produced in Phoenix, AZ

  • Low – $650-$1199 – 1-3 hours on set
  • Medium- $1200-$1799 – 6 hours full day on set
  • Large – Ask for Quote – Multiple days on set, talent, etc., whatever the scope of work is for the budget.

Cost of Production: $1575

Cost of Production: $1800

Product / Music Video: $2,500

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