Introduction to SteadyTake’s National Video Production Services

Introduction to SteadyTake’s National Video Production Services
by SteadyTake
Introduction to SteadyTake’s National Video Production Services

The future of marketing is video. For most businesses, from local to national, video advertising will increasingly serve as a marketing priority providing impact.According to a recent report, total US spending on video advertising will top $100 billion in three years. Online video spending alone will likely rise from under one fourth of all ad spending to well over one third. These statistics reflect the increasing impact of video advertising.Our national video production services have helped hundreds of clients achieve their marketing goals with exciting and impactful videos that get attention and results.

Why Our Clients Prefer Professional Video Production

Most experts recommend that businesses turn to professionals for their marketing videos. In our experience, too many small to medium sized business owners turn first to an amateur in an attempt to save money.However, if you work with an amateur, you can only expect amateur results.Additionally, amateurs may not understand the different guidelines and best practices needed in creating YouTube videos, Facebook insert ads, and other specialty work.Don’t waste time and money on amateurs when SteadyTake's national video production services can elevate your image through great videos.

A Passion For Creating Great Promotional Videos

We work with professionals who show passion and dedication to their craft with every project. They also believe in creating the best possible videos to boost your business brand and market reach. Across the nation, our network taps the talents of thousands of video professionals. As one of the most respected video production services in the United States, we hear from (hundreds/thousands) per year who wish to work with us. Only five percent make the cut. Since we work for the greatest companies, we strive to provide the most talented and committed videographers for the job.

Services We Provide  

At SteadyTake, we provide end-to-end solutions for our clients’ video marketing needs.The process starts when we meet with clients to gain a comprehensive idea of their company or organization, their needs, and their budget. We take this information and produce a creative brief. Once our team and client have put together a plan, we move to the next step.At this point our creative staff puts together a storyboard that lays out the plan for the video. When approved by the client, we go to the next step, which is connecting the client project with the right professional for the job.Our video team then shoots the project and sends it to post production. After thorough editing, we go over the video with the client, before the project goes through to final delivery and then publication.We understand that using a network of contractors is not traditional, but neither are we. SteadyTake constantly works at the leading edge of video production and technology to provide the best results for our clients.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about how SteadyTake’s vast network of committed professionals can help your business boost brand recognition and expand sales. We also help non-profits with videos that contribute to mission success.Contact us today with any questions about our service. We can also set an appointment to discuss your video needs, as well as how our team can fulfill them.

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