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INFINITY Social Drip

Video is the best way to engage your audience and convert them to a customer.

Videos are the most effective way to drive traffic to your product and service offerings and to engage users once they arrive. Keep your videos fresh and continually drip them across your social channels.

SteadyTake supports the vast need by businesses for many videos.  We offer a slicing and dicing program called INFINITY.  We will produce multiple versions of any video for $100 each from either a video you have or we will create your main video for you, and then repurpose the content for multiple social versions.  See examples on this page.

We also post for you for $300 a month, 1x a week for 3 channels.  Ask us about custom posting you need.

Version 1

Version 3


We will slice and dice any video, including one that you have already had produced.  The length of the video determines how many versions we can create from the original.  As a rule of thumb a 2-minute video can be cut into 4 unque versions.  We can also create up to 8 versions from a 2-minute video if we also have extra footage or images.

We add transitions, compelling music, some animation and text to get attention focused on your videos.

Version 2

Version 4

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