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Guidelines & Workflow


  • Do no harm
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Share your knowledge
  • Learn all the roles and continually practice them (shoot, edit, and sales)
  • Stick to the model – shoot lots of Evergreen content and set the customer’s expectation that you will return 4x per year to freshen their videos
  • Keep your existing business but get more, steady business thru SteadyTake

Minimal structure is required in a fractal business model.

Think of it as a hive – and the hive is where we live, work, coming and going as we wish. The Queen Bee, SteadyTake is your resource and provider of customers, workflow tools and support.

News Story Style w/ Business Owner's Voice

News Story Style w/ Business Owner's Voice

Workflow Overview

  • Identify small / medium businesses that could use videos for social media;  call on leads provided by SteadyTake
  • When the client has agreed and selected their package, have the customer sign the production agreement provided to your crew by SteadyTake
  • Use Jobber to create job and attach the signed agreement (we give you a free account within our system)
  • Send an invoice, using Jobber, to the customer to collect 50% up front – even if you don’t yet have a shoot date
  • Shoot evergreen b-roll and sound bites at an average rate of 12 per video count (of the package purchased by customer) plus 3 sound bites per video (broll 12-15 seconds, 1 question per sound bite)
  • Upload videos into SteadyTake’s platform, customer’s account – organizing the clips so that an editor can quickly scan and download to edit
  • Assign editor from your crew or request an editor from SteadyTake
  • Download footage, edit and reupload into the customer’s account; notify them to view, approve
  • Send bill to customer for final payment using Jobber
  • Add your time sheet to the job for each member that contributed based upon 80% of the shoot fee, $50 per edited video & 10% commission for the sales person
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