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Fractal Business Model

Message From the Founder

Welcome to SteadyTake, a fractal community of filmmakers that are genuinely inspired to tell visual stories in the video format.

I, as founder, believe in taking this passion and doing something amazing with it.  As a filmmaker, I know I”m not alone wanting to impact the hearts and minds of many through this visual format.

Today, we are launching a program to make this dream possible for all of us by collectively joining together to film social stories. We will also film in our own communities, to tell untold, hidden, or even perverse visual stories, with the goal to boldly affect change. This is the ultimate mission.

We together, with our lens, can capture and communicate the stories that go untold.  Our world is so focused on the drama of politics that so many other stories go untold, forgotten, or undiscovered.  More info COMING SOON!

A Path for Making a Difference

The world we live in requires $ to make a difference.  So, this business model provides a revenue stream from business stories told in a social story format, much like a news story is produced.  10% of profits will go to a non-profit fund focused on telling the untold stories that our crews will film. You will be paid for both. The films will then be distributed to generate donations that will be funneled to solve these problems.

But, you only get to be a part of our community if you genuinely care about our world and the problems we need to solve, not politically, but as a storyteller.  You need to enjoy being part of a crew that works together, learns together, and that empowers each other, leveraging the tools and support you get from SteadyTake.

Everyone we attract is a pro.  Some can brag that they are the best but I can tell you, we can all learn more. In your local crew, you will meet and volunteer for roles leverage the resources SteadyTake offers you.  And then, as part of the fractals success model,  you will practice all the roles and learn from your crew. The crew as a whole will designate who to assign to shoot the story and who should edit it.  You will select the best team member but it is up to you all to help everyone rise up and become their best.  You hate sales?  So do I.  But, in the fractal concept you must learn to “sell” and enjoy it.  You are not alone.  You can get help from everyone on your crew. The crew is to help all excel, lift your contributions, and to give back to the world, making it a better place.

SteadyTake Provides:

  • We have standardized the product so that you can easily replicate it – social stories in a news format – 3 packages to select from
  • Digital asset management software for you to upload the shots into the customer’s account (for safe-keeping) and for editors to pull down
  • Printed, digital advertising and marketing materials & business cards
  • We guarantee your work to the customer and keep the content safe for them no matter what (videographer moves away, for example)
  • Do advertising and marketing to develop leads for your crew
  • Funnel local, custom work to your team (80% pay-out)
  • Auto-drip the videos you have produced  into the customer’s social media accounts
  • Collect and disperse money
  • And liaise with your team to solve problems with you

Alexandrea Day, Founder

About the Money

First, these fractal relationships are loosely-fit so that this business model enhances your business instead of being a burden to it.  You are contracted to SteadyTake and have a local working group to produce a specific product for our mutual customers.  Your group makes decisions that fit your group’s unique talents.  SteadyTake is a resource that provides an easy-to-turn package that is replicated, workflow tools, and customers.  Below is the payment structure.

  1.  Shoot fee – 80% based upon a day rate of $1,000
  2. We have 3 packages – review the onsite shoot time per package type
  3.  Our goal is to shoot “evergreen footage” and revisit the customer 4x a year for pick-up shots and re-purpose their videos
  4. Editing per :45 video – $35
  5. Sales commission – 10%

We assign your crew jobs – both that you generate thru direct sales and leads we generate on advertising and marketing in your local market.

You collaborate as a crew and decide who is best to perform the shoot, the editing, and the sales but cross-pollinate your learning with each other to grow the power of your crew.  Use our tools to stay informed.  Use our tools to grow your presence.

Pay day is the 5th of the month for all collected revenue you generated by doing projects in the previous month. You submit invoices digitally and get paid by direct deposit.

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