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Crew Details

Join a Videographer Crew in your City!

STEADYTAKE provides videos to business customers around the world and on the fly by recruiting and contracting with experienced, time-flexible pro gear videographers that can turn an assignment quickly.  If you are an experienced videographer, have time to offer your services to cover assignments for us, and want to earn extra money doing what you love, we want you!


  • Professional equipment
  • You must use stabilization gear and a microphone
  • Be able to upload .mp4 or .mov at 1080p
  • Have a full demo reel or 2 samples of your work to show us, demonstrating you can deliver professional footage
  • Interview skills to produce good sound bites


Q: What kind of equipment should I shoot with?
A:  You can use any camera equipment that can produce HD footage and be uploaded as either a .mov or mp4.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: STEADYTAKE pays monthly on the 5th of the month following the previous month’s payments from customers.

Q: How much do I get paid?
A: When we get a request for a shoot, we contact all approved videographers in the area and get quotes.  Once you accept the job and we accept the price, that is what you will bill us for at:

Q: How do I get assignments?
A: Let us know your rate per hour for shooting and that you are interested to receive assignments.


  • Supplemental income working in the industry
  • Become part of a national footprint of professional videographers
  • Wide range of assignment opportunities
  • No editing required
  • Currently offering services in the USA and in Europe


To join a crew you must apply and be accepted. Once your application is received your video sample submission(s) will be reviewed. If your work is up to the standard required by STEADYTAKE there will be a small amount of paperwork and you will then be able to start accepting assignments.

So we can view your work online on the fly when a job comes up, it is very important that you upload 12-15 of your best shots into the account provided by SteadyTake.


SteadyTake is advertising nationally and has a number of marketing managers that  source local videographers through us.  We rely on our vetted pro team of filmmakers / videographers to capture the footage required based upon a shot list. The editing is done in house to provide smooth pre and post production services to our customers.

We Pay You:  The rate per hour that you have quoted us.


If you have editing skills, please reach out and provide samples of your work plus your rate per hour so we can add you to our team of editors.

We Pay You: The rate per hour that you have quoted us combined with a cap for any project you edit – we are quoting our customers based upon your quote to us.

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